Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'I Miss That Person' TV show on KBS

OMG, this is getting ridiculous. It's taking forever to receive any sort of information about this TV show. But here's all the information I've received about it.

I Miss That Person is a TV show on KBS so people can get help finding missing family or friends. Most adoptees go on this show to find their birth families. To go on the TV show live, you must register in person. They will do a pre-interview with you. Then you are wait-listed for approximately 1 month. This information I was told by the social worker at CHS. I don't know how accurate it is though. I was then suggested to go on the show through webcam instead. Since my stay in Korea isn't long enough to go on the show live. To go on the show through webcam, I was told that you can sign up through CHS, and that after the pre-interview, it is a 2 month wait.

Well, who knows how accurate that information is! I contacted Korean Bridge, a new organization that I was told has connections with the webcam TV show. Hoping that my twin sister and I would be able to get on the show early, before our trip, I contacted them, explaining my situation, knowing that it would probably be a long shot.

It is. I heard back that they will see what they can do, but that they heard the wait list to get on the TV show through webcam is 1 YEAR!!!!!! OMG!!! This search of mine is already going on 2 years!!!! I should have started this search when I was 18, maybe by now I would have found them by now...ugh...I'm frustrated, everything feels so hopeless...

So I was told about a month ago that they were showing our adoption info, our birth info, baby pictures and updated picture on TV by a policeman on KBS. WELL, I got a phone call today. apparently they haven't done any of that yet. AND since we are waitlisted for the TV webcam show, we have to pick one or the other to follow through with now. Since there is a huge wait/demand to get on this show, we can't have our info being shown on more than one program. So we decided since its a 2 month wait, we'll have the policeman tell our story. Which will 'most likely' be recorded next week....still waiting on answers when it'll actually be broadcast. We also don't know where in Korea it'll play or how many times or after/between what shows. But hopefully  someone will come forward with info soon! Fingers crossed!

**DBL Update
Ok, so this information told by the policeman isn't shown between programs like we originally believed. It's shown on the actual I Miss That Person TV show on KBS. It is taped live and is broadcast throughout the country. This show is specifically designed just to find missing people. After it is aired, it is then posted on their website (which is all in Korean): KBS I Miss That Person

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  1. I am trying to find my Korean mother who has been separated from birth from me. I was hoping if you knew the email address for this show?

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